• Why buy your business services from Neveast?

    To manage your business, you need dependable services for everything from refurbishing to space planning. Searching for
    these services takes time and diverts your energy from more important work, such as building your business.

    Neveast can help. In 1962, we opened our doors and revolutionized the office-supply industry by bringing a comprehensive
    selection of office products under one roof. We did the research, found an excellent line of products, and then negotiated on
    your behalf. With our buying power and ability to aggregate products we offer the best prices and are known as a low cost

  • We get you great deals.

    Now Neveast is doing the same with the office furniture business. We’ve brought a wide range of key furniture business
    services to one location. With hundreds of savvy customers behind us, we’ve used our negotiating power to get good deals
    and special offers direct from the factories. What’s more, we work to provide an optimal customer experience, and always
    strive to be the best priced supplier you use.

  • We deliver anytime, anywhere.

    Neveast offers a free delivery service to all of our customers within the corporate area of Kingston, Jamaica. Our customer
    service representatives provide a personal touch to ensure your orders are filled, if necessary we arrange your installations
    and deliveries for anytime and anywhere (in Jamaica) that’s convenient to you. Items that are in stock at the time an order is
    placed will be delivered within 24 hours. We make the everyday business of buying stationery and office furniture stress free
    for all our customers.

  • We are fully equipped.

    Our sales representatives are equipped with a full range of catalogues, samples and prices to make your decisions easier.
    Our showroom is located at 10 Skibo Avenue, Kingston 10, where you can see all our office furniture inventory and samples
    of furniture contract items. Contract custom items require a delivery time within 4 – 6 weeks, depending on the factory lead

  • Installations

    Neveast Supplies Limited constantly delivers 1st class office workstation cubicle and modular wall partition solutions to
    small, medium and large businesses in Jamaica. Neveast Supplies Limited has the management, the resources, the
    experience and the expertise to carry out all works, however big or small, to the highest standard that we expect you to

    Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist with your business requirements